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魔镜之Tori Amos美国玩偶秀

五月一日,红发魔女Tori Amos正式发行第九张录音室专辑《American Doll Posse》,她以五个角色如Tori、Clyde、Isabel、Santa、Pip进行概念化音乐尝试。

看来玩Cos很过瘾呀。让我想起了那张经典的《Strange Little Girls》,真好。而且Tori阿姨怎么看怎么年轻,实在是宝刀未老嘛。(共有40张图。)

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My eyes burn from listening.I cannot only be the small sum of my experiences but must be a channel for those that I have never had and maybe never will.Otherwise I can only hear the music through my finite human filter instead of hearing independent frequencies.Frequency and tone are autonomous and of the multiverse not just of my meager knowing.We can transcribe musical experience from the multiverse if we can be exactly that - perceptive scribes and co-creators instead of needing to be the only creator,how lonely.

02. Big Wheel
05. Digital Ghost
13. Father's Son
15. Code Red
21. Posse Bonus

All works of art start as potential. Similarly, all relationships start as potential. When I meet a person I try and see not their mask, with it’s defenses, but what’s underneath. I get accused of refusing to acknowledge who a person is choosing to be right now. When that person is arrogant or rude or selfish then my friends say, "Clyde!!!!!! THIS is what this LOSER is about." But I say, "Hold on people, this is only what this person THINKS they are about." So this so called Loser person is confused. But if no one sees their potential then they may not ever see it themselves and that would be tragic.

03. Bouncing Off Clouds
09. Girl Disappearing
16. Roosterspur Bridge
17. Beauty of Speed

There are a few ways to develop your vision of life. I document. I could be documenting you… Do I document truth? I document what I see. How others view the world. This is how I have come to know the world. The place I hold in a group of women is that of a Lens. A lens that records an actual happening. Objectivity can only be attained if you are open to another perception, even one that is contrary to your own. I will endeavor to present perceptions that I feel are worth your time.

01. Yo George
07. Mr. Bad Man
11. Devils and Gods
18. Almost Rosey
20. Dark Side of the Sun

Dark Energy.It can be found in the Observable Universe.Found in ratios of 75% more than any other substance.Dark Energy.It can be found in religious extremists,in cheerleaders.To come to the conclusion that Dark signifies mean and malevolent would then define 75% of the Universe as an evil force.Alternatively,to think that some cheerleaders don't have razors in their snatch is to be foolishly unarmed.

04. Teenage Hustling
08. Fat Slut
12. Body and Soul
19. Velvet Revolution
22. Smokey Joe

Beauty. What is that to you?
A) Architecture
the light on the water turning it into aquamarine
C) another woman's face or hair or figure that you quietly crave for 30 seconds
Passion. Are you passionate about anything? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Stop. Don't turn away. Stay a while. Let’s look closer. No. You are not allowed to find the faults first, not in my game. We will find the Beauty first.

06. You Can Bring Your Dog
10. Secret Spell
12. Body and Soul
14. Programmable Soda
23. Dragon

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