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Ether Sings by Laura Veirs


虽然做了Aqualung的顶图,但对音乐实在没多大兴趣,建议大家都不要去听。除非你能忍受灰小伙的柔情似水式呢喃。选择Laura Veirs完全是这几天听多了……在2004年这张大气十足的《碳冰河》(Carbon Glacier)中,整体结构与细部韵律搭配得浑然天成,她就如开启冰河世纪的点灯人,噢,我不该又扯到普鲁斯的《影子》去。

《Ether Sings》作为第一曲,清脆幽远,如回声般反复跌宕。非常耐听。

Ether Sings
by Laura Veirs

My wooden vibrating mouth
Sing me your lover's song
Come with me we'll head up north
Where the rivers run icy and strong

The empty theater is lying cold
In the shadows of the past
A church group enters to touch the molding
With a burst of song and a simple repast

Guitars can't help but sing
Can't help but ring

A tiny little flute is whistling in the lips
Of a stranger on the corner
A tiny little girl ties flowers to her wrists
And the bees come round to adorn her

All the time spent dreaming is never lost
Dreams come back through the bells of trumpeting horns
Souls lost into the ether of death
Come back wise in the eyes and the arms of newborns

Hearts can't help but sing
Can't help but ring

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